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The Crafting Music Interview by NanYang Newspaper

On the 22 June 2016, The Crafting Music was interviewed by one of the major newspaper company in Malaysia – Nanyang newspaper. Nanyang interviewed us about the quality of the piano as well as what advantages does piano students get from playing piano.

NanYang firstly enquired about the source of the used piano sold at The Crafting Music. Henry stated that the pianos imported from Japan has high quality. Firstly, The Crafting Music imports selected used pianos from Japan and the piano is then dissembled for inspection. Any damaged areas are then repaired after thorough inspection. Once the reparation is done, the piano is then repainted and reassembled. Any used piano undergo these steps closely resemble a brand new piano.

Henry strongly stated that the whole procedure of disassembly, inspection, reparation and reassembly is quite complicated. These process are easy to learn yet hard to master. The hardest of all processes is the adjusting of hammer to produce the most optimum tone. Currently there are no gadget that is able to help standardizing the piano adjustment, and everything is purely based on experience and feel. Henry stated that any professional tuner that is able to do that have to adjust at least 1000 pianos before acquiring the skill required. Any piano that are adjusted without the necessary skills will not achieve its best performance. Henry added, no machinery is able to assist with the whole process of disassembly piano, everything has to be done by manual labor. Therefore, only a limited amount of pianos can be refurbished within a day.

Henry states that used piano has a strong potential in the market. Henry stated that pianos’ buyers are mainly the students from any music academy. Henry stated that the reasons for used pianos’ popularity is due to its cost and the life of each piano. Each used piano cost around 40% of the brand new piano while every piano are able to last for decades if provided with good care. The Crafting Music has also been partnering with Germany piano company in manufacturing brand new pianos and exporting them into Asia Pacific countries. The Crafting Music is also heavily invested and trying to expand into China market.

On the other hand, Peggy Leong – the Director of The Crafting Music Academy stated that piano is a high class musical instrument. As piano is a musical instrument with many play styles, it helps in developing the right brain. Peggy pointed out that learning piano also helps in medication. Many doctors are now introducing playing piano as a method for patients to increase their finger muscles’ flexibility as well as a method to prevent Alzheimer. Lastly, Peggy pointed out that anyone that plays piano has a higher chance of exposing to the public. This helps anyone with their future, where their confidence are greatly boosted.

Source : Enanyang

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