The Crafting Music

Hailun Piano

Crafted for superb musical performance. Hailun Piano renowned for their rich tones and precision, are perfect for both beginners and seasoned pianists. Each piece showcases exceptional craftsmanship.

A blend of Eastern and Western craftsmanship, offer a unique piano experience. Established in 1986 by Hailun Chen and his wife, who met at the Piano Technology School in Beijing, the company started by making piano parts and evolved into producing high-quality pianos.

Their dedication to craftsmanship has attracted global experts, resulting in pianos known for their exceptional sound, durability, and aesthetics. They feature innovations like hybrid performance pianos, which merge acoustic and digital elements, and ‘My Size Keys’ for comfortable playing.

They pianos are not only well-crafted but also affordable, making them an excellent choice for various players, from beginners to professionals

Hailun is well known for being used as one of the main event during Beijing Olympic back in 2008. Hailun’s concert grand was used by Lang Lang (Chinese Top Pianist) during the Beijing Olympic’s opening ceremony. Even right now, Hailun has been consistently improving themselves and organized many events all over the world such as the 50 pianos performance tour around Europe.