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Piano Refurbish and Quality Control


At The Crafting Music Sdn Bhd, we own a piano factory for refurbishing and assembling piano at Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. We are now the largest piano wholesalers in Malaysia that has been operating since 1992. The pianos we import comes from three main sources – Japan, China and Germany.

To ensure that we maintain the high quality of our pianos, we have our standard production procedures at our factory. Every piano must be restored to its optimum performance before it is delivered to its new owner. To make it easier to understand, our standard production can be categorized into three main part as shown below:

First Part: Piano Screening

Piano Screening
  • Piano selection/screening

Every piano are selected through our strict screening procedures & it will be cleaned before shipping to Malaysia. Only piano with high quality & good condition graded AA will be selected. Piano with rusty strings, heavy wear & tear, missing parts and poor sound quality will not be selected. Another screening procedure will be done after the pianos arrived at our factory in Malaysia.

Second Part: Piano Refurbishing

Piano Refurbish
  • Piano cleaning, body inspection & repair

After screening, here comes the main part of refurbishing the piano. Cleaning, body inspection & repair is the first step of piano refurbish. First, if the body of the piano is damaged such as scratches or dented, we will repair the damaged parts. 4 layers of polishing will be done to restore the glossiness of the piano.

  • Strings & tuning pins

The strings & tuning pins will be cleaned. Anti-rust will be applied on the strings & tuning pins to prevent it from getting rusty due to high humidity level in our tropical country.

  • Action Mechanism

We will disassemble the action mechanism from the piano. All center pins will be replaced so that we can make sure that it is 100% well functioned when it is delivered to our customers. The hammers of the action mechanism will also be shaped and spaced properly so that they will be working perfectly. All parts will be checked & reassembled.

  • Keys

We will inspect the keys to see if anything needs to be done to restore it back to its best condition. We will clean the keys and rebush it if necessary.

  • Pedals

The pedals of the piano will also be polished several times to remove the scratches due to the long-term wear and tear of the previous user. After polishing, it will become shinning as new again. As most of the pedals and hinges Japanese piano are built with solid brass.

  • Reassembly

After restoring every different parts of the piano, we will now reassembly the piano. The action mechanism and the keys will be placed back to its original position.

Third Part: Regulation, Tuning and Final Checking

Piano Regulation, Tuning and Final Checking
  • Regulation

After setting up the piano, our professional worker will perform regulation on the piano to make sure the piano is not only working at properly but at its optimum. The regulation process will make sure that all parts of the piano works uniformly and efficiently. Most of the time, it can be even better than when it was new as we are expert in piano regulation & refinement. Some examples would be – tightening the keys, making sure they keys are at an evenly levelled and spaced, all action parts are being aligned, spaced & traveled properly, that including hammers, jacks, dampers and all others. All the pedal screws will also be tighten & adjusted to it’s responsive position.


  • Tuning

Two tunings will be done on every piano at our factory before shipping to our customers. Every piano will be tuned to standard pitch of A440 c/s so that the pianist will get use to the standard pitch.

  • Final Checking

Before we ship the piano to our customers, we will polish, clean and check it again to make sure that it is in tip top condition. One more fine tuning will be done again before packing.

Since our pianos are being strictly selected with AA grade, we rarely need to replace the original parts as the original condition of our pianos are still good. Every single step in our refurbish process is done by our own professional workers, strictly monitored by Henry Chan, the technical director of our factory. Mr. Henry Chan has been working on pianos over 32 years, every day. He was an ex-Yamaha Senior Piano Tuner Technician. Graduated in Piano Technology & Concert Tuner Technician in 1992 in U.S.A. He has gained high reputation internationally. Especially in Malaysia, China & Europe. Our goal on refurbishing the piano is not only to restore the piano’s performance to be like when its new, but even better.

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