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Taiping Lake Garden Photoshoot hosted by The Crafting Music

On 11 September 2016, The Crafting Music Academy hosted an event at one of Taiping’s most popular tourist attraction – Taiping Lake Garden. The Crafting Music Academy placed four Grand Pianos and asked their students to perform. Under the cool morning weather, this event at Taiping Lake Garden attracted the attention of many joggers as well as photographers. Mr. Henry claims that by hosting this event, not only it is able to promote the local tourist attraction, this event is also hosted in order to bolster the students’ bravery and confidence. This event is also hosted to let anyone interested in music to have a chance at playing the piano and also provides every photographers an opportunity to capture a beautiful combination of Art and the natural scenery at Taiping Lake Garden. Although the event was prepared in a hurry and lack of major advertisement, the event was a major success.

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