Grotrian-Steinweg or Grotrian is a German prestige piano manufacturer that has been operating since 1835. Grotrian still manufactures premium grand pianos and upright pianos in Brunswick, Germany. Currently, Grotrian works closely with their Parson Music in manufacturing and market their products internationally and at a more affordable pricing.

Grotrian Malaysia

Grotrian-Steinweg or known as Grotrian in US is one of the world best piano manufacturers. With a history of being co-founded by Steinway & Sons’s founder, Grotrian has strive to manufacture pianos at the highest quality.

The Grotrian family’s motto being – “Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself.” This motto is still being followed up till this day.

In year 2015, Grotrian partnered with Parson Music, One of the top leading music school and piano manufacturer. With this partnership, Grotrian aims to market their products much more affordably and retains its high quality piano.