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Should I buy old age piano?

Used Pianos are sold all over the world. This is because they are cheap and affordable. Some of them even have higher quality material compared to the new ones! You can find a used piano with the age of around a few years or even over a hundred years.

Now, you have found a piano within your budget and you like the pianos’ sound/touch. After a series of questioning only then you found out that the age of the piano is way higher than your acceptable range. You are now struggling to accept this piano.

Below are a few concerns that buyers pointed out when comes to any old-aged piano.

Concern 1: Older aged piano is in bad condition/ Need More Maintenance

This is one major concern that is always troubling new piano owners.

Granted, older age piano tends to have a higher risk of being in a bad condition. Many owners stopped taking good care of their piano due to either work, family or a new hobby. Piano tends to be less important as life goes on.

Piano buyer are afraid that the piano they buy might be in bad condition, but they have no idea how to differentiate between a good piano or a bad piano.

Concern 2: Older aged piano can’t last long

“How long can this piano last?” This is another concern that most piano buyers might have.

Understandably, when buying a piano, everyone expects to use the piano for a considerable amount of years. Nobody would want to spend several thousand on something that breaks down in a year or two.

Why age should not be a concern

1. Shop Owner is responsible for good pianos!

There are many piano owners that take good care of their piano. These are the pianos that most retail shops buy-in. Piano experts always examined a piano’s condition before buying them. Even after examining, the used piano will undergo a process called refurbishing. You can read more about this process here. Any piano that goes through this process should be as good as new!

When buying a used piano from any retail shop, age shouldn’t be a concern but rather the shop owner’s credibility and reliability. It is the shop owner’s responsibility to make sure every used piano is in good condition before selling them. Unfortunately, piano shops that sell low-quality pianos do exist.

2. Pianos are made to Last!

A piano can easily last for decades or even a century!
Similarly to many products that are manufactured in the past, Used Piano are made to last.

Reasons for this:

  • Good materials such as solid wood are more accessible in the past.
  • Business model that focuses on satisfying each users rather than cutting cost for more profit.

Rather than age. these three points should be the determining factors:

  1. The quality of materials used to build the piano – The higher quality the material is, the longer lasting the piano will last
  2. How the used piano owner take care of the piano – Are there any insects infestation? Any damage by water or fire?
  3. How thoroughly the piano is refurbished – Is the refurbishing only done on the appearance? Did the seller refurbished and regulate the action mechanism?

Regardless of how new the piano is, without proper care, the piano will not last long.

How to check a used piano’s condition

Regardless if you are buying a used piano from a private owner or any piano shop, you should read this article. This article will teach you how to decide whether the piano is in good condition to be purchased. I have explained in more detail what to keep an eye on.

Happy Piano Hunting.

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