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Piano Tuning


Don’t worry about your location, we have professional tuner nationwide to tune your lovely piano!

“Fine-tune Your Melody” Bring harmony back to your piano. Our expert tuners ensure each note sings perfectly, reviving your instrument’s soulful essence.

Our Services

Piano Moving

We have transportation specialist team for piano moving nationwide. Safe & secure. Free insurance covered.

“Relocate with Ease” Transferring your piano safely, wherever you need. Our skilled crew handles each move with care, guaranteeing a stress-free experience.

Our Services

Piano Repair

Your lovely piano doesn’t work well? Any scratches or dent on your beautiful piano? Don’t worry, we got your back! We have professional piano technician who can repair the piano back to its perfect condition.

“Restore Your Instrument’s Glory” Problems with your piano? We fix it right. From minor tweaks to major overhauls, our technicians breathe new life into your treasured piece.

" I am not telling you it’s going to be easy. I am telling you it’s going to be worth it. "

Our Services

Piano Rental


We provide piano rental for all types of events, ranging from home use, auto show, event launching, wedding, to Super Star mega concert. Baby grand, concert grand, upright piano, digital piano or even Artistry Digital Grand Piano. Yamaha, Kawai, Atlas, Apollo , Casio & more.

Long term or short term available. Convenient! Reliable! Affordable! Nationwide!

Play Without Commitment, Need a piano for a bit? We’ve got you. Choose from a variety of quality pianos for any occasion, hassle-free.

Our Services

Piano Trade-in/Selling

Looking to sell or upgrade your piano? We will make sure to give you the highest offer we can to buy the piano from you.

“Upgrade or Unload” Swap or sell your old piano easily. Get a fair deal and maybe find your next musical companion in our collection.

Our Services

Household Moving

We always have empty truck when coming back from a trip. If you have a furniture that needs to be moved from one location to another, feel free to contact us and we can help you with moving them!

“More than Just Pianos” Shifting homes? Let us lend a hand. We move your belongings with the same care we give to pianos, ensuring a smooth transition.