Hailun HS-121

For individuals starting their musical journey, the Hailun HS121, emerges as a fitting choice. As an entry-level upright piano, it embodies reliability and a durable design, catering perfectly to beginners.

Its balanced tones and reasonable clarity set a strong foundation for learners. The HS121’s responsive touch facilitates the development of playing techniques, ensuring a comfortable and progressive learning experience.

Overall, the Hailun HS121 stands as a reliable companion—a cost-effective and dependable option supporting beginners in their musical pursuits and practice sessions.



  • Width: 153 CM
  • Hight: 121CM
  • Depth: 62CM
  • Weight: 240kg
  • Keys: 88 keys
  • String: Röslau
  • Soundboard: Spruce
  • Pedal: Damper,Muffler,Soft
  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Comes with Soft-Close Fallboard