Yangtze River TCH-212

The Yangtze River TCH-212 is a standout in the Tchaikovsky Competition Collection Series, designed to awaken and enhance your musical sensitivity. Combining exquisite aesthetics with world-class craftsmanship, this semi-concert grand piano is perfect for serious pianists seeking a superior playing experience. The TCH-212 is celebrated for its rich, pure sound and innovative design.



  • Depth: 2125 mm
  • Width: 1549 mm
  • Height: 1011 mm
  • Specification: 212
  • Weight: Approximately 407 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Executive Standard: GB/T 10159

Key Features:

  • Soundboard and Ribs: Crafted from solid Alaska spruce for exceptional resonance, providing a full, rich sound.
  • Resonance Design: Innovative design ensures seamless sound transitions, enhancing overall performance.
  • Hammer: Imported Renner hammer guarantees delicate and refined sound quality.