Yamaha UX30BL

This Yamaha UX30BL upright piano is one of the tallest and newest imported exam grade piano.

This premium piano is extremely new amongst the Yamaha piano available in the Malaysia market, with serial number larger than Yamaha U3A and U3M. This piano comes in one colour – Black.

This model is part of the UX series where they have the X backpost design.

Another premium part of this model is the big book rest attached to the frontboard. Underneath the book rest, it is entirely cut out with no board blocking the access to the action mechanism. This design enhance the sound by not trapping the sound in the piano but actually releases the sound from the front.

This Yamaha piano has a strong and bright sound. Great choice for all pianists that prefer stronger and brighter piano’s sound while also looking for a piano that are very new.



  • Yamaha
  • UX30BL
  • Upright Piano
  • ~132cm
  • 88 Keys
  • Japan Imported
  • Used, Refurbished
  • 3 Pedals


Free Items

  • 5 Years Warranty
  • 2 Tuning (Before and After Delivery)
  • Bench with book compartment
  • Keytop Cover
  • Heater
  • Caster Cup