The ONE Polaris Drums, TOD1

The ONE Polaris Drums TOD1 is an advanced electronic drum set designed to offer an immersive and enjoyable drumming experience. Featuring built-in LED lights and mesh drum heads, this drum kit is perfect for both beginners and experienced drummers. The TOD1 is seamlessly integrated with the InstaDrum app, providing interactive lessons and a vast library of songs to enhance your learning experience.



  • Drum Heads: Mesh heads for snare and toms, providing a realistic and comfortable playing experience
  • LED Lights: Built-in LED lights guide your playing, offering a unique and interactive learning method
  • Components: Includes 1 mesh snare drum, 1 bass drum, 3 toms, 3 cymbals, 2 foot pedals, drumsticks, and headphones
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth MIDI and Audio, USB, and AUX IN/OUT
  • Sound Options: 30 preset drum kits and 5 user kits, with a total of 308 sounds
  • App Integration: InstaDrum app offers 96 free lessons, 600+ songs across various genres, and real-time feedback on performance
  • Setup: Comes with a pre-installed drum rack for easy and quick setup